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Earn recurring affiliate commission from every user you refer to Comrade.

How it Works


As a Comrade affiliate, you will earn 10% of all user earnings. Comrade pays its users every time they visit a product recommendation.

Every click from a user is an affiliate commission to you, credited to your account in real-time.

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Comrade is compatible with Brave and other browsers.

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Extended Referral Tagging

Comrade uses last-click attribution. Unless users clear their browsing data or click on a different referral link, they will be tagged to your account, even if they sign up many months later.

2-Year Lock Period.

Referrals are locked under your account for two full years.

With a 25c average cost per click paid to users and a two-year referral lock, you can earn recurring commissions for an extended period on each and every user you refer.




Comrade's affiliate program is available to publishers offering high quality content to United States audiences.