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Comrade's mission is to to make advertising relevant, useful and rewarding for you, your family and friends.

Any internet user will agree that ads can be annoying and unavoidable. Advertisers bombard us with irrelevant, annoying ads that offer nothing of value. That is why we tend to avoid them.

We created Comrade to change the negative advertising experience when you're browsing and reward you in the process.



By only showing you recommendations at the right time that are worthy of your attention.

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The Reward Model

Comrade’s reward model creates a value exchange ecosystem in which users and advertisers enjoy mutual benefits.


Advertisers reach users like you at the right time with relevant product recommendations that increase their sales.


You only receive relevant product recommendations at the right time that pay you instantly when you visit them.

With Comrade, everyone wins.

Prioritizing Privacy

Privacy is Comrade’s core value. Unlike many browser extensions, we do not harvest or store your browsing history, nor do we sell it.

Only your real-time activity matters – that is why Comrade deletes all your browsing data immediately and permanently, storing only minimal data related to delivered recommendations, which are essential to issue your rewards while keeping your identity highly anonymous.


Consumers First


With so many free online services, it is the unfortunate reality that users are the product. Whether it’s your money, time, or data, any benefits will often be outweighed. With Comrade, that is not the case.

No data collection, no consumer profiling – just relevant product recommendations worthy of your attention.

Comrade is a product that we pledge will always prioritize YOU, the user. It will always respect your privacy and pay you for your time and attention.